Friday, November 4, 2011

Being a Leader had a fantastic article today. Take a look: Top 10 Ways to Be a Leader.

I look at the list and say "I do that. And I do that. And I do that..." But really, do I? I mean do I really embrace those things to the best of my ability? Think of the best leader you have ever had the pleasure of working with. I bet they possessed all of these skills. Personally I believe I possess many of these to varying degrees but without a doubt there are ones I need to work on.

Of them all #4 Be Unstoppable jumps off the page. There are definitely times when I feel unstoppable, everything is going right, I'm crushing my to-do lists, helping others and putting it all together and that's all just before lunch!

But then there are other times, like just moments after a challenge or obstacle has arisen, that I feel defeated, unqualified and like a fraud. Someone who is unstoppable doesn't let those feelings set in because they know that no matter what happens they can overcome it. It's like I was saying yesterday about using a positive attitude to help me get through the week with now power. That positive attitude has an amazing ability to vault us to success if we are able to employ it from the get go before any kind of negativity sets it. (Hello? Right Brain vs. Left Brain anyone?) I'm going to set my mind to working on becoming unstoppable... better all watch out!...

So what about you and your assessment of your leadership skills? Reaction to this list? Things you do well? Others you need to work on? Remember, it's up to us to get better at these things because no one is going to do it for us.

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