Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Been a Week

I've been involved in social media for a week now. It started with this blog last Wednesday and then went to Twitter a few days ago. I've actually been on LinkedIn for about 4 years now. I thought it'd be interesting to check in to see how I am doing and what I have learned.

Blog Page Views: 351
Page Views Today: 102 thus far (have't quite figured out what I did today to get it that high)
Page Views Yesterday: 13
Blog Posts: 14 including this one
Blog Comments: 3 (come on people! talk to me over here...)
Blog Followers: 9 (ahem...looking over at you, you-know-who)
Twitter Followers: 11 (for the uninitiated that's people following me)
Following on Twitter: 48 (people I follow)
Tweets: 14

What have I learned this far?...
  • The higher these numbers the better but for one week, not too shabby.
  • It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to manage your social media. I think this might actually be why I had never done it before. The scary thing is that it's not like I've all of the sudden found myself with extra free time.
  • I've read a few times that you need to schedule social meeting into your day like a meeting. I'll be doing this.
  • Learning the game of social media is complicated, especially Twitter. That was like a different universe. All of them have a different language: supporters, followers, friends, pages, posts, connections, tweeting, retweeting, backlinking...and on and on...
  • Not a lot of my friends and coworkers are on Twitter, that I've found anyway. (Hey, where you at?)
  • There are some serious social media users out there. They mean business. It seems that for a lot of them social media is their business.
  • Writing something and having no idea who, if anyone, is reading it is a little strange...at first. Clearly I've gotten over it.
  • Thus far, there has been no measurable change in value to my personal or professional life based on the social media with which I have partaken. Hopefully that changes.
  • Blogging is infinitely easier for me than Tweeting. I could go one forever in this blog.
Thinking about stepping into the social media arena?  So far is has been fun. More fun than overwhelming. Connecting to people and knowing they are out there listening is exhilarating. Go for it. I'll follow, connect, friend, retweet and backlink you...kinds sounds creepy though doesn't it?

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